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24 Mar

As I sat packing for vacation on Tuesday night, I realized that I did not have bow to match some of my daughters outfits (yes, I am addicted)! It was Tuesday night at 10pm and I was leaving Thursday morning at 530am! I really wanted her to have a bow for every outfit! I logged on to my Facebook account and messaged B.B. Bows. I explained to her my desperation and described each outfit the best I could. She laughed at me and then told me they would be ready to pick up at 2pm the next day!

My story above is just the beginning of the testimonies I could give about B.B. Bows! Beth, the owner, is wonderful. She goes out of her way to make sure her customers are happy and she listens to feedback! She has great products and if she doesn’t have what you want, all you have to do is ask! And she has rockin’ bags too! I was never a bow person. In fact, my daughter never wore anything in her hair until I met Beth, but with such cute products, who wouldn’t want to spoil their little princess! Oh, and watch out for her clearance sales, THEY ROCK! Check her out! I can almost guarantee, once you buy a bow from her, you won’t be able to stop!



6 Mar


As many of you know, last night I hosted my second coupon class. As I began preparing for the class, I mentioned it to Topperz owner, Michelle Golab. She came to me and asked about catering the first class. I was estatic.

Almost a year ago, my family and a friend’s family attended a business night in Portage, IN. We went not knowing what to expect and when we got there we were pleased. They had an entire row of restaurants in the local area that were giving samples. We tried many new restaurants that night, but my husband and I were delighted with one in particular, Topperz.


About a week after the event, we visited the restaurant. We were greeted with bright, cheery walls, and an enthusiastic staff. My children were served their kid’s meals on FRISBEES (we have since collected enough to give to a small army). They were excited!! The food, well, there aren’t enough words to describe how delicious it is! Topperz serves wraps, paninis, pasta salads, lettuce salads and MUCH more! Oh, and they have AWESOME smoothies (my favorite is the peach)! I have yet to try something I haven’t liked  there!

Topperz is a great place to get a healthy lunch or dinner! They have a GREAT catering menu and are generous to the community. The pricing of food is great! I can feed my family of 6 there for what we would spend at McDonald’s and we get to eat healthy filling food, not greasy fried food.

Topperz is located at 6652 US Hwy 6 in Portage, IN. They are in the Diamond Shopping Center in front of the Portage 16 and are next to Cappo’s.

Stop in an try it sometime, you will be glad you did! And tell them Coupon Shelby says hi!

Sorry I have been MIA (and a review of a local restaurant)

18 Feb

Sorry, I have been MIA! I have been working on getting ready for my oldest sons upcoming science fair. I have volunteered to be on the committee for it and whew, its been a task!

While we are talking about the science fair, I want to let you in on what happened today.

I was called by the chairperson of the committee and told that we did not have any prizes for our students (they decided on participation only prizes). She was panicked as the fair is only 6 days away. I said I would try to come up with something.  I decided to talk to one of the local restaurants I have been frequenting called Topperz. I let her know the situation and she gladly donated a prize for each student. She is wonderful! She has had a buffet for a local police officer battling cancer and now this! I can’t get enough of her food, but now she is a hero too! Michelle, we should all be as great as you! Thank you so much!! And to all my local readers, visit Topperz in Portage, IN!