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Al’s Deals 1/16-1/22

15 Jan

Al’s sales run from Sunday to Saturday. I have NEVER gotten an Al’s paper, but I always grab one from the store.


Al’s Week Long Meal Deal

Buy a Arm Roast in a bag at 3.99/lb and get the following FREE:

-5lb Potatoes

-1lb carrots

-3lb onions

-2 Our Family Canned Veggies

-1 Jello Pudding mix

-1 Knorr Side Dish

-1 Grands Jr. Biscuts

-2L Faygo soda

-1 Our Family gravy


Dairy Rich Ice Cream 56oz-1.99

Knorr Side Dishes- .99

Sunbelt Chewy Bars- .20

Home Run Inn Pizza- 5

CoffeeMate Creamers-2