Coupon Clipping Services

20 Mar

So, maybe you don’t have time to clip coupons, or maybe you think that the one coupon you get in the inserts inside your Sunday newspaper is not enough. After all, when you do find a good deal and want to couple it with a coupon to make it even better, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on the item.

Ways to start your own stash of coupons go from buying extra copies of newspapers, to collecting inserts from friends and family, to trading coupons with friends, trading coupons online or buying coupons online. When you procure coupons online you are not buying the coupon (that’s illegal), the cost charged per coupon is to pay for the service these people provide in collecting, clipping and mailing those coupons for you.

Here’s a list of coupon clipping services I have found:

  • The coupon clippers: $0.50 per order admin fee (Paypal, CCs), service fee varies depending value of coupon, $3 minimum order. Some coupons are limited to Ten.
  • Coupons by Dede: No information about order minimum. Ordered $20 worth of savings, charged shipping fee of $0.5 plus service fee of $0.25. For a total of $1.95 total charges not bad if end up saving $20
  • Taylortown: Coupons for less than $1/1 are .05 each unless otherwise noted on the coupon list. Coupons for $1/1 are .10 each. Coupons for more than $1/1 are 10% of the face value of the coupon. Postage is added to all coupon requests. Handling fees can be paid by cash (no coins), money order (no personal checks),Paypal transfers (no credit cards or eChecks). Unless you are using Paypal, a credit balance is required. Coupons will be held until payment is received.
  • Ebay: You can also buy coupons on Ebay.  Just search for the particular coupon you are looking for and see what is available.  Ebay is a good place to buy a large number of the same coupon.
  • Coupons and Forms: Minimum Order is $5. You do not have to order $5 from each page but the total order before postage must be $5. You must order a minimum of 5 of any coupon.



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