Do you like candles?

11 Mar

My friend, Angie Hemphill, is holding a MYSTERY HOST internet show for great smelling candles.How this works is you order from her website when ask if placing order for host click yes; then put MYSTERY HOST as first name and Angie Hemphill as last. This will go to March 30. On March 31, she will raffle off host rewards to the people who ordered. If show reaches $400 she will raffle off TWO $100 gift certificate and TWO 50% off item plus smaller rewards too! If you order and say I sent you get 2 extra entries. If you book a show before end of April get 5 extra entries.
Angela Hemphill`s personal website


One Response to “Do you like candles?”

  1. Angie March 17, 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    When go to order, hit shop , then on top it will ask if shopping for show, click yes and put Mystery Host as first name Angie Hemphill last name. After that click on specials offers, then go to guest rewards. You’ll find great deals starting at $6!!!!!!!!

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