Samples are great, but a word of caution….

10 Jan

Freebies and samples are great! I love them! I think I love getting stuff in the mail (besides bills and junk) more than I love the actual sample. I used to sign up for EVERY single sample I came across and learned a few things rather quickly. I thought I would share them with you!

  • Sign up for a free email account that is just for samples and freebies.




  • NEVER give out your credit card information!

o   Sometimes a legit freebie will ask you for this information, but they are many scams.

§  If you think it is legit, use a prepaid card and keep just a few dollars or cents on it so it is active, but they can’t drain                                      your  bank account!

  • If you think you might use a sample, order it. If you won’t use it, but can donate it, order it!

o   Food banks and women’s shelters are always in need. If you get it free, why not help someone else?

Now, go order some samples and enjoy getting a surprise in the mail!


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