Movie tickets for $3.95-$4!

10 Jan

There are two places today that you can grab an AMC Silver Experience Movie Ticket for $4 each.  These deals are until they sell out.

First, through the site Special Deals, you can grab an AMC  Movie Theater ticket for $3.95. These are worth up to $11 dollars in value depending on what your theater charges.  Our local theater charges $8.75, so this would be a $4.80 discount for us!  There are only a little over 600 left, so they could go quickly! You can pay through PayPal for secure checkout and you do not need a PayPal account to do this! You will only be able to grab one movie ticket at this price.  Hurry and go HERE to get one before they are gone.

Second, if you are a first time buyer on the daily deal site called Mamapedia, then you can grab a second ticket for only $4.   To find it, you will need to be a first time buyer and click on the National tab to see it.  If you cannot see it, look to the deals on the right hand side to see if it shows up!

Each site will only let you get one ticket at this special price, so between the two, you can grab two!

  • Both of these tickets are valid for any AMC or affiliate theater nationwide
  • They can only be used on movies that have been released for two weekends
  • There is no expiration date
  • Both companies will mail the ticket to you via regular mail

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